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Beauty and the Brows - October 2017

"If you are anything like me, you are always hunting for lost dummies or teething toys! Not anymore! The colourful Pacifier Clips from MikaB Teething Jewellery allow you to clip the dummy or teether onto your baby’s clothing, slings, blankets, bibs, etc."

Little Puddins

"I would recommend it to every Special Needs Mammy who is finding it hard for her child to use their Chewys, As it is a necklace you can wear yourself  you will always have an alternative with you to a special needs “Chewy” when you are out and about. A great resource available in a variety of colors."

My Little Babóg Blog

"At first I thought the big silicone beads were quiet large and he may struggle to munch and chew on them. I was proven wrong straight away, he was absolutely loving it. Pulling and tugging, chewing to his hearts content... It’s also quick entertainment when out and about. It will entertain baby whilst out having a coffee with friends."

Mama Geek

"I love the concept of teething jewellery; child friendly necklaces and bracelets that can be tugged upon, gnawed at, banged about & generally abused and used to relieve teething pain. Young babies and toddlers are known for being fascinated by adults’ jewellery and so stuff they can chew and play with is ideal."


To Become Mum

"If you're having a busy day, it's all too easy to leave the house without a teething toy and if your little one gets a bit grumbly, there's not a lot you can do. With MikaB's jewellery, the solution is hanging around your neck or there on your wrist.

Yummy Mummy Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

"My sisters & I would recommend MikaB Teething Jewellery and if you too would like to help your baby get through their teething pains why not try them out."

Chelsea Mamma

"I have to say I am really impressed.  You would genuinely never guess the bangle was teething jewellery and the colour is striking.  Sebastian is still a little young to hold this, but as soon as he is able I am sure it will be finding its way into his mouth to chomp on."


"I was so excited when I had a peek at MikaB’s site at how modern and on trend the pieces are. They really look like pieces of fashion jewellery and really are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I knew they would really add the finishing touch to many of my new outfits! The colours cater to all tastes, ranging from deep navy blues to summery aqua turquoises, meaning the jewellery can match every outfit in your wardrobe."


Dolly Dowsie

"I am delighted with my MikaB Teething Jewellery and how affective it has been in relieving Tyler Lee of some of the pain he is suffering with at the moment. He likes nothing better to sit chewing on the necklace or bangle and could be entertained by it for quite a long time!"

Make, Do and Push!

"So, what did I think? Well, I LOVE the necklace! It's fantastic! My Mother-in-law didn't realise it was a teething necklace and gave a very worried look when Busby started tugging and chewing at it; I reassured her that all was fine and she was allowed to chew on it.
It's also a fabulous distraction during nappy changes when out and about as Busby will happily play and chew away on it."

"For teething purposes, the pendant worked the best. Again it is easy for little hands to grip and I could see that chewing on it gave lots of relief for sore gums. Better still it’s an easy distraction for baby if you find yourself stuck somewhere for longer than expected and you need something to keep the little one entertained."

Glitter Mama Wishes

"My little boy is 2 years old so he’s past the worst of the teething but he seen the jewellery with the picture of the baby chewing on it and decided that’s exactly what he’d do too. He’s getting his back teeth so he put it straight to the back of his teeth and had a good chew on it! I was afraid he’d have it shred to pieces but it took all the gnawing and chewing no problem at all. He quite enjoyed it too lol!"

The Mama's Hip

"It's silicone so kids can bite down on it, and not be wrecking your good stuff! I think it would make lovely gifts for new mamas, and there's a great range of colours and styles."

office mum


"From an aesthetic perspective, the purples pendant was the winner for me – it’s very like a piece of jewellery that I have already and would happily wear as “real” jewellery."