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Why do I need teething jewellery

Posted by Dominika Badura on

You may ask "why do I need teething jewellery". 

Here are some situations you may find it very helpful: 

- when your baby is teething she is trying to chew on everything she has in her little hands. It is better for her and her gums / tooth / teeth this is something safe and soft - teething jewellery is exactly like this

- she is pulling your hair - it is painful we know, that's why it is better to occupy her little hands with teething jewellery

- she is trying to pull your earrings / necklace / regular jewellery (if you brave enough to wear any of these) - teething jewellery can replace your regular jewellery so it won't get damaged but will probably have to wait until your baby is a little big bigger 

- when you're feeding her, doesn't matter breast or bottle and she is very unsettled (could be because you are in a busy / loud / bright place) - teething jewellery may help her to focus and calm down 

- when you're changing her nappy she is turning, kicking, looking around - teething jewellery may help her to lie still so you can change the nappy quickly and effectively 

- when you're having coffee / lunch with your friend / travelling (train, airplane etc.) it is good for her to have something to play with, chew on it and show all fellow coffee drinkers  / passengers how clever her mum is ( that she got such a cool toy for her) and how great she looks :-) 

- when you forgot her toy but you didn't forgot to put your teething bangle on 

Any other situations you find teething jewellery could be useful? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you. 

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